Mackie CFX20
Mackie CFX20

CFX20, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the CFX series.

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mistral_73 03/05/2006

Mackie CFX20 : mistral_73's user review


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I will not rpter in less everything that can be found on the website of Mackie.
Come on, here's the gist:
-20 Tracks or 16 tracks plutt mono + 2 Stereo tracks, perfect for keyboards or expanders
-Connections: 16 + 2 * 2 XLR jacks for Stereo tracks
-An equalizer per paramtrique
-Equalizer with a full band for gnral.
-Effects processor Intgr (OR rverbe time limit or chorus), worse than any effects processor spar but very practical.


I use it in a "live" and it works well every time trs.
The only big "BMOL" Only two auxiliary dparts. For returns is too small for a console that can accommodate many people. Three would be much better dj (I put 9), four great (I made 10!), Etc.., Ect.


So the sound: I love it. In fact, what j'apprcie most is the high rev Fidler compared to sounds (keyboards, guitar, microphone) that fall into this console.
I had two DJ consoles before the-l: A Samick (must start), then a Yamaha (not bad), and finally this one.
By the way, here is my "mthode" to evaluate the sound: I have my keyboard connected to my console, I plug in a headset first on the keyboard and the console and I compare the two sounds obtained: with Samick, c'tait of breath, the breath and the breath and wave his derrire. With Yamaha, dj much less breath and even when his hair "transformquot;. With the Mackie, Magic: The sound is almost the same, and I do not even know if one can speak of breath so it is discreet. Impressive.
I will be 10 when the sound exactly the same!


It's going to make more than 5 years since I use it, and I do not intend to change, because in this price range, I see nothing else.
What j'apprcie most: its transparency, lack of breath, and her little rverbe intgre that even if it is not (by far) the best, is sufficient to handle voice without having to lug around an external effect that we must plug / unplug each concert.
What j'apprcie minimum: Too few dparts auxiliary. Frankly, a lack.
I put 10 if it had more dparts, here!

If it fails one day, I Rasht the same is sr.