MXP2000, Analog Mixer from MCI.

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pan_work 08/06/2005

MCI MXP2000 : pan_work's user review


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Diffrent config
tract stereos, voices mono
This is not an MCI but SONY
the myth tends to believe that this console is small dernire MCI
what is wrong, the analysis clearly shows that the circuit technology and know-how sony is in this toy prpondrant


We are beginners in the years CUNE rgy broadcast console, ideal for radio
Labor more than one routing in most broadcast and compressors assignable or onveut


Several things:
- Very good signal to noise ratio this console is really enjoyable so silent c trs
- The preamps / eq are against trs way to broadcast, the lack of prsence
- Bus rapid twists summation
The Eq sound a little harsh but everything still pretty confused c
This is far smaller Neves good old 542 or 169/961 studeri The models that are competitors but older ...
Say, if you can not get better, it will always be better than a poor mackie ...
ca is medium range


I made this album default to have something else, I'm not a fan trs and allow me to say because I see that many brokers spculent bcp on branding and Notore MCI t
Be aware that it is primarily a SONY and on Ebay they leave the United States in gnralement 6 mono 6 stereo model in the $ 1000
Now it is very far from the beautiful 70's consoles in discrete, this console is not really a c trs musical console rgy very beautiful, very quiet but a bit aggressive eq, compressors parlont do not, real walls, difficult to use properly to the music (can be fun for the hard techno!). Well that said, c not that bad either .........