Phonic MM1002
Phonic MM1002

MM1002, Analog Mixer from Phonic in the MM series.

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samgratt 04/01/2004

Phonic MM1002 : samgratt's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Okay, so I will not repeat all that my prdcesseur done, but I agree it av ...
Not bad, but not mid, 2 XLR inputs only, no return.
I keep two years, and I am satisfied with qd even trs, she dpanne well.


Simple but not robust trs, it is the only problem.
It is sufficient that a branch asshole fucking jack on the track for one sizzling. And as Track 1 is linked to the other, it was necessary to track a 0 to use the rest without too much interference,.
And hello PHONIC guarantee. They like too much shit to get a table that is worth so little, and they know you do understand.
So my taste too fragile, and it is true that it is too limited.
But hey, for the price (I got 110 dipstick o / the era) I find a carrment not bad at all.

80 is actually a more carrment the blow a Yamaha MG 10 / 2, sense compete Phonic MM1202 (the console just above the 1002), which is 140, ngociable 100.
Not bad so this mini console, but it is catching up.


Not too many blows, and finally, I have not the stuff of super pro for breath to hear if there is, but my level, I parru has done everything correct.
The manual is a bit sober cons, and the protective shells of the box are only the vulgar cardboard. When one knows the fragility of the bte was a little scared PDT dplacements.
I am not a mgastar either, but the lack of full qualiseur, and lack of auxiliary beacoup are feeling, especially on scne.
It seemed too fragile.


I use pdt 2 years.
Its advantage is clearly its small size and price, which dfie any competition. 80 for a console that works well, well worth a.
However, for 20 50 more, you can get a little better.
This card is dstine musicians with no personal wealth available. I know a few ...
I admit m'tre ru on this map trs attractive price for his report qualitprix. Today it is not Exceeds its competitors, but remains all the same, in this crneau, really good.
It feels faster all of the same limit.
As I said, to 100 in ngociant difficult, we are left with a much better console.
I think this card has had its day, but it is brought evolve and then lower his price.
Imagine a console 60 of the type I say go for it!
: O)