Phonic MM1002
Phonic MM1002

MM1002, Analog Mixer from Phonic in the MM series.

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LynXX 05/23/2003

Phonic MM1002 : LynXX's user review


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Small mixer:
2 mono channels:
- Between XLR / Jack, insert
- knob Gain, treble, bass, in, pan, level
- Comuter to impdence LINE / MIC
- Switch "Low cut"
- Led the peak.

4-way STREO:
- Between 2 jacks
- In knob, pan, level
- Switch +4 / -10 to adjust the level of

A 60mm fader for hands
knob 1 headphone / control room
5 led VU meter STREO
Blue LED power supply to the most beautiful effect ;-)

- Hand (2 mono jack)
- Phone (1 STREO jack)
- To (1 mono jack)
- Tape (2 RCA) and between tape return (2 RCA)

Finally, tips and more:
- Alim switchable phantom
- Switch M / S on the two mono channels to make the sound STREO Mid-Side.

Approx. 100 euros


Nothing spcial on its use, it's a simple and bte mixer ...
Some remarks female teachers:
- The level knob headphone / control room is linked to the master (if we drop the master, in addition to his headphone!)
- It lacks even when a MID EQ.
- Too bad the entries have no Stereo equalizer.


The pramplis are really low-end, but that price is normal.
The equalizer is also the low end, and the lack of correction even when mdium is felt.


I use it for one week only, and I'm glad plutt as given the price it's worth. It allows beginners and to toy easily, but even when we limit quickly if you want to go beyond.
Having a phantom power supply is really nice, and the switch M / S that can learn the techniques of sound recording STREO.
I recommend even when the MM1202 which has 4 mono channels with EQ, plus an equalizer on every single mdium.
This is one of the least Chres consoles on the market (approx. 100 euros, but if like me you ngoc you touch 80!) And just for that, it is unbeatable!