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romaindesj 05/15/2005

Soundcraft 400B : romaindesj's user review


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P'tit monster is a way you like them, 60kg in its flight case, I dviss back up the home.
I have the 16 tracks + 4 subsets.
For every: trim, slecteur between micro o-line (no breath pramps of quality), qualisation acute upper and lower mdium (paramtriques), bass, 4 dparts effects including two configurable pre-fader. on the other hand, there is no Q on mdiums.
Increments between line jack 6.5, XLR mic, jack insert. Attention on the old console, the hot spot and cold spot are inverss over the current standard.
VU meters for the two main channels by 1 + subset, six in total.

Single point not practical connections across rear, very accessible. When you see the size of the beast, we understand it is not always ais go traffic the rear.


Once you know how a console, a hand is taken as anything. The knobs are sturdy, good quality faders and is an important race, in short, RAS, it's simple and sturdy.


"Transparent" is not the term I will use for this console. On the contrary it is much trs type and Global Warming sound, even without qualisation. But this color is beautiful. I use it for the classical string instruments mainly, and the final rendering is trs beautiful, round, warm.
I t REALLY surprised that the effects can be obtained simply by using the qualisation.


Use the past two months of intensive Manir. His finest particularity is the sound.
Previously I had a Behringer (we talking about the same CATEGORY), I tried a TASCAM 2408 (it was cold and wind).
In short, my 400B in 30 years I still have!