Soundcraft Compact 4
Soundcraft Compact 4

Compact 4, Analog Mixer from Soundcraft in the Compact series.

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El_Becko 04/30/2014

Soundcraft Compact 4 : El_Becko's user review

«  Swiss army knife! »

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Everything you need with XLR combos, a Phantom power supply, a Hi-Z input, RCA connectors for input decks but also main mix output and especially a well thought out routing to two independent headphone outputs and balanced outputs for sound card and monitor speakers.

If we wanted chippoter (and pay the little beast more expensive ....) it seems that nowadays it lacks a USB port.


Everything is under your fingers and if I write this review is to emphasize the hyper-practical side of this small console!

In two years she has already served me repeatedly:

- Save a musician with independent returns headphones for him and me
- Add two preamp inputs to an already full console
- Serve as backup preamp for recording guitar and voice via microphone static with its not great preamp but not ugly at all, the three-band EQ nicely colored and quite efficient and low-cut well placed
- Connecting my turntable without noise and with the right level of a Hi-Fi amplifier with only line inputs
- Serve as a controller for my studio monitors
- Serve my drummer Controller for his headphone and mixer return to his pad and click-station and all at once
- Serve as DI for my bass on stage when the quality of those who offered me was poor ....

In short you have understood this little thing has its place in a bag with your set-up and should never leave you!
And if I had known I would probably opted for the 10 entries ....


This is a Soundcraft low-end but certainly a Soundcraft still hear and it immediately to your light colored Class A preamps and wide rather hot band EQ and ear has not fear of settings (not too much) extremes.
And elsewhere in this price level it is not impossible that it is hard to beat ....


I put my fingers on many small mixers "Chinese" of all brands like Behringer, Phonic and the best Yamaha and Mackie me but none has appeared sound as well as effective and most technically this little Soundcraft and this price!

Black spot, because unfortunately there is one: the knobs eventually crachotter with time even if the console is properly protected ... a blow bomb contact is not enough unfortunately always solve the problem.

Nevertheless a great choice as console to do all the home-studio owner / musician ....