shovelhead 11/17/2007

Soundcraft LX7ii 24 : shovelhead's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Mixer entry
24 mono tracks / XLR more
2-track stereo jack / jack

6 auxiliary lanes (often returns)
4-band semi-parametric EQ per track
4 subgroubs in hand in a two-way center
16 direct outs for recording perfect (!!!)
48V phantom power - 6 blocks with 4 tracks (24)

inserts by hand and Auxiliary (7)
24 inserts direct / channel
PFL / solo / mute switch per channel
metal chassis
4 channels on a plate
GB30 preamps high quality

Neutrik connectors
100 mm faders


This is not the high-end console - Stade de France, but a small and compact table 24 tracks which is enough for small gigs "music festival", which is installed in many clubs and goes perfectly with a group pro or semi-pro on her tours. In addition she did a good job as a table of average returns on the scene.

I have chosen for four reasons:

SOUNDCRAFT *! for me, Soundcraft is a good brand, and I find the quality / great price
* Ease of use: 20 years, I used to love me Soundcraft tables and logic / architecture
* GB30 preamps: I think they sound pretty good and perfectly neutral - there is no concurrency at this price
* Dimensions / weight: I prefer now compact, lightweight, and in a SKB ago flightcase tailored to the table. Perfect!

I use it as a "table of emergency" and when I travel with a tour group who play club / small stages (100 - 500 spectators), Siena Root (SWE), Tito & Tarantula (USA), The Casino Jancee Pornick ( RUS) and Joe Bonamassa (USA) have seen their signals pass through this table. The table is also my first choice for "Christmas music" and assemblages bikers (I hate, but you make a living: o) in the villages in the area. For this type of event (max depth 50m front of the stage), I use a Dynacord XA LX7 (4kW) and almost nothing in the siderack ... It sounds ...

UNMIS point: you have to press a button to the "talkback" with the way, so a microphone in hand, finger on the "talkback" and we are very static in the communication.


It is difficult to say something bad about a table that sounds neutral. I find that there are no peculiarities in the sound of the console and that's good. The equalization is plustot "soft" and does not encourage the user to make bullshit "in the extreme."
I am a big fan of equalization "subtractive" and I rarely turn a knob to the right of 12 - if we need to correct, I prefer to find the problem and cut the frequency or signal.

If I have a point of criticism is the low output level ... there are other tables that provide a stronger signal, with no tendency to whistle. The LX7 does not whistle, but the table is not the strongest market ... no matter for me - I never use a sound system at the end of breath and the difference between the LX7 and GB8 was not huge.

OK overall


Again: the price / quality ratio is excellent and the LX7 II-24 (what a name) has a fairly neutral sound with which you can work immediately. Amateur or pro, there are no surprises and the concept is successful, especially considering the price. A group traveling stroke his own backliner / mixer should consider buying this table.

If I give not ten points, because I can compare with other console, and - honestly - a table with 25,000 Euro sounds better. But such a table is not in the budget of someone who is interested in LX7: o)

For 1700 Euro (the price I paid after long search, I do not know where they seek their prices here) there is no better.