Wharfedale R-2004
Wharfedale R-2004

R-2004, Analog Mixer from Wharfedale.

bekanor 04/17/2006

Wharfedale R-2004 : bekanor's user review


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Character explains well above

there are just a lot of output;)


Simple enough, for I have quite a fight against to understand the connections and connection types headphones in \ out

English manual useful but not complete: some lments are fully explained pa!

Are We There Yet even very easy to navigate!


I think the problem is a lil of this console, there is a lil kan same breath if you push the gain,

equ are the average medium-and low-May really does not exist in acute


I used a year before my brother breaks the pa (...) and I was able to make rpar!
The report simply silent qualitprix standard: Buy 225 on Pixmania!

Recommended for small semi pro concerts, bars etc ...

I think it is very very good in mixing-up!

Given its price and ease of use, totally recommend to young pti!