Yamaha MX12/4
Yamaha MX12/4

MX12/4, Analog Mixer from Yamaha.

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logan 09/12/2003

Yamaha MX12/4 : logan's user review


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Audience: Beginners
This is a table with 12 entries Stros 2, 4 outputs (4 buses)

Each input can connect XLR or 6.35mm jack
Each entry qualisation a 3-band effective enough
Each entry can bnficier of reverb intgrbr /> There are three reverbs diffrent: Small Hall, Big Hall and voice (small room, gde room, voice)
There is a 7-band output qualiseur fixed (can not choose on which the frquence acts (for all tracks so). Trs useful and functional trs clear up a sound, gain depth or to bring out a rhythm box, for example
Effects loop
Can be connected at the same time a return which the volume RULES (cr out), headphones, an analog to distribute and one to save.
It is possible to record consquent a concert is going o the voices and the guitars kick in the table and sounds on CD, or k7 sampler at the same time passing through the table! !


The table is simple to use despite its overall ability tense
The manual is not as against average and not long trs trs explicit
The only real challenge is to identify the well Systm 4 outputs (bus) for beginners: For example, you can save a dmo through the table and connecting an MD or deck k7
But also if you save a multi-k7 4 outputs so you'll have 4-way bills diffrent
a voice output with external compressor and reverb of the table
Output 2 guitar
Output 3 battery with external compressor 2 and the table rverb
4 output bass with external compressor


The console is trs trs good performance for live sound, good for home studio
No breath
The reverb is for the same thing, impeccable live it is a little possibility to limit the home studio, but the 3 RGBS proposed are not problem


The MX12 / 4 ets the mixer used in most rental stores hardware for three simple reasons:

1 / Soliditbr /> 2 / Versatility
3 / Price

I have used for thirty concerts but also for many dmo: The prampli is of good quality even if just for a little home studio is professional.
The big advantage of the console:

1 / 4 bus (output shares) diffrent, ideal for home studio)
2 / reverb intgre correct (ideal for live, a little less for the home studio)

In short it is the comfort for groups small budget for that price no one console as versatile and reliable (behringer, phonic, mackie)