Yamaha MG102C
Yamaha MG102C

MG102C, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG C series.


Yamaha MG102C : Anonymous 's user review


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It is a small mixer fader without there anything that need to allocate different sources of order, the XLR mic inputs (4) neutrik with phantom power supply, a small compressor on input 1 & 2 (nice). Line of connectors, to, etc.. For details see data sheet on the net.

It's analog. The equalizer is like its predecessor (MG 10 / 2) carricatural enough, you can make small corrections, but I personally do not touch it too.
The weight is smaller than on the old MG (I have one too). Personally I find the appearance of the former much better: better quality pots, apparent robustness, reassuring weight ... There, Yamaha has a lot of humor in the instructions and packaging, are praised for easing the weight of the mixer (easily transportable), my eye! That's it more plastic.

The connectors are of good quality, it's serious though! I do not like Yamaha products, however I only have these mixers from home, but I think in this category are the tables that have the most "mouth".


Archi easy to use, no need to record (unless it's your first), I flew over the record out of curiosity, she looks well done.
All tmobe on hand is a good audio Swiss Army knife.


I find it more transparent, the breath appears only if you really looking for trouble. Side preamps I am pleasantly surprised because I thought the old MG really feeble, there is generous enough, it sounds really good (for 139 euros which is great).

The equliseur should be used with great moderation, he obviously has no parameters (that is minimal). Anyway, it's more a tool to route the audio sources to the sound. If the sources are good, the sound is good, this table will not make your sound.

The compressor is a pleasant surprise, he gave the potato to the vote, it is discreet and simple (one button).


I use the MG 10 / 2 (old version) for 4 years, I found it helpful but very banal and feeble in dynamics, I just get the new (MG 102C) to route the output of my sound card and my preamps in rehearsal, connect a microphone on the sound system, etc..

The pros: the price / quality ratio, the preamps that are neutral and efficient connectivity, the look, the little analog compressor.

The -: materials more "cheap" than the previous version, the bar graph that is slow to relax, the almost decorative EQ

I hesitated between the Blend 6 Alesis Multimix and a small Mackie, I did not take a Yamaha, and finally it's a good surprise, the product has actually been improved (except for the appearance of materials).

Very good value for money (the price of a guitar pedal!)