Yamaha MG102C
Yamaha MG102C

MG102C, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG C series.

mrjason 11/29/2012

Yamaha MG102C : mrjason's user review

« Affordable solution for analog systems »

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The Yamaha MG102c is one of the most affordable analog mixers that you can get today. It has a 3 band EQ on channels 1-2 and a 2 band EQ on channels 7, 9 and 9/10. There is one auxiliary send but it has no busses. This mixer is small and compact, it cannot be racked but that is ok because it does not take up much desktop space at all.


Setting this mixer up is very easy because it really has nothing to do with your computer because it is analog, so that makes it plug and play. There is phantom power on a few channels and it has all of the inputs and outputs that you need for your small set up (inputs: 2 ¼ and 4 ¼ plus 2 RCA, outputs: 2 ¼ for your monitors and 2 RCA for recording).


The sound is decent for the money, you will get no hissing and if you are using a good quality microphone with this Yamaha MG102c then your quality will be pretty solid. But if you stick to using cheap microphones then it will not be very good. So it will all depend on what kind of microphone you choose to use with it.


I have used this mixer many times and have had it for many years. Though my set up is not so much analog anymore I still find uses for it. I would be nice if there were a few effects on it, the only type of effect it has built in is a compressor which is pretty good for this to only be a 100 dollar unit. There is no talk back function on it, but it gives you a total of 10 analog channels to work with. Though I purchased this a long time ago, I would still purchase it again if I was in the market to buy a analog mixer. I have used plenty of Yamaha’s analog mixers and this is the most affordable one that they make and it is very similar to the MG82CX.