Yamaha MG166CX
Yamaha MG166CX

MG166CX, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG CX series.

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dex red 10/27/2012

Yamaha MG166CX : dex red's user review

«  A counselor to begin in the home studio »

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The configuration is a rare simplicity, which does not preclude offering many possibilities.
€ 50 for better, I got the USB version, which acts either as an input from the computer, or a total output stereo to the computer, which allows for the saving a digital recorder for final mixes, among others.

The manual is fairly brief, but sufficient, and prepared correctly.

The usual functions are available like after a relatively short time hack.

Received enough contrast Cubase AI 6 comes with too just to be used alone, it must immediately invest in VST plugins and upgrade. Or, like me, continue on Logic and Garageband.


The design is quite successful. Ballast knobs are easy to handle, operation is fairly obvious.
I found that most preamps for correct price. I have no problem buzz like the one reported in the previous post. The hiss level is to completely tolerable.
The built-in effects are a little gadget, as they are limited and in any case, they do not rot sound.
The compressors are quite symbolic AND buzzent effectively if they are pushed too, but they are nevertheless not totally useless. Number six is ​​better than most competitors who offer one, see zero.
The 4 outputs are also significant auxiliary routing and is not a Chinese puzzle.


I use it for a month and a half.
I COPARE with 4 other models in this price range (Mackie, Soundcraft ...)

Very good QPR (for the moment, and the lack of subject back in time).

The +: Sounds of overall usability, design, comprehensive nature of the console connector on the front panel, USB.

The-Nothing, except the limitations inherent to an analog input range.

With the same budget, I probably do it again this choice. If I won the lottery, ehem ...