Yamaha MG166CX
Yamaha MG166CX

MG166CX, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG CX series.

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mrjason 11/29/2012

Yamaha MG166CX : mrjason's user review

« 16 channels and great EQ »

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This 16 channel analog mixer has been around for a while now, you can use it as a analog mixer or connect it to your computer via USB cable. One thing to keep in mind is that there are two versions of this mixer. There is a USB model and one that does not support the USB mode which came out before the USB model one did. So when purchasing you will need to make sure you get the one you need because both models are exactly the same, but one of them will have computer connectivity. Plus the price between the two is not much of a difference so it will be very easy to get confused and purchased the complete analog one if you wanted the USB one.


The MG166CX has 16 faders that are all well built and 8 of the channels have phantom power. The EQ on this mixer is also very good giving you a 3 band EQ on channels 1 through 8 (sweep able mid) and regular EQ on 3 other channels. The size of this unit is pretty big, but it can be rack mounted if you have enough rack space to fit this mixer into.


Before investing in this mixer you need to know that you might get a slight hissing sound. I have only experienced this sound with a few different microphones which were weird because it didn’t hiss on each microphone that got used with it. I am not sure if the unit was defective or if it was normal.


While this mixer is solid and has some really good EQ, I would not purchase it again because there are other Yamaha mixers that are very similar and cost a little less. The only thing about this mixer that really stood out to me was the EQ. If you need great EQ on the go, or for a live performance this will work. But there is a trade off because there are only 16 channels. So it will really depend on what your set up is and how many channels you need.