Yamaha MG166CX
Yamaha MG166CX

MG166CX, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG CX series.

Gotreck61 05/01/2008

Yamaha MG166CX : Gotreck61's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Good console troubleshooting, practical, lgre (too?), A sufficient diversity of connectivity for small concert (between: 10 including 2 Stereo XLR, jack 12 which symtrique 4 Stereo, 2 pair of RCA output ...: except that the output jack Stereo XLR), but overall still a cheap table.
Of the compressor are Intgr Premire 6 votes. They are ineffective, the words compressor is not suited for this type of toy. a big box full of dynamic compress spring with this feature still irrgulire. (Plus they have added a buzz function when pushed the knob a background)
The equalizer is a marvel, but for this kind of console it is clearly sufficient, only the high-cut bottom is rgl lgrement, but is just opinion.


The simplissit analog consoles and rapiditbr /> faders a little short to be really prcis, especially if you were to remake a scne with the next group that is to heat the dj gusto room ... VCU ...
all the pots are well and not all over each other like some good console marchbr /> the manual is a bit "light" has got me but gives vital information on the console (they even allowed to do a short course on how it works and how an equalizer to use it) lol


The problem is Always on the console cheap, but Yamaha does not miss it too, views transparency all is well in use not used, but sometimes by touching faders grsille! And the default can stay, I mean if you have the maleur to your settings to the wrong place, you will buzz all the time!
Apart from this "small" default console's behavior is relatively neutral (maybe a small bump but it is slight to 2000Hz)


Trs were looking good console if the ratio Q / P, but do not classical music concert with that, everyone is going to burn you.
I tend to require the pre amp, and I'm from but it's not the worst I've ever heard. they are just "bad" and nothing more.
I bought it for my sound in my cellar, and I just out for concerts or tribe are forgiving.
I would do maybe not have that choice since I only support the low end of good quality ... yes I know, it does not exist.