Yamaha MG82CX
Yamaha MG82CX

MG82CX, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG CX series.

sw80 10/11/2012

Yamaha MG82CX : sw80's user review

« well made »

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If you are in search of an affordable mixer then the Yamaha MG82cx will suit you fine. It has 8 channels all in stereo and phantom powered mic inputs for your condensers. With built in SPX effects and the channels also have built in compression and EQ you will be able to get the sound you want and need very quick. The price of the MG82cx is less than 200.00 dollars. For a unit with these type of effects and built as good as it is I wouldn’t be surprised if it was almost 400.00 dollars!


The Yamaha MG82cx is a very good sounding unit. It is very quiet and does not generate any noise. All of the effects are very good, clear and clean. This unit is very portable and light, it can be taken with you or moved from location to location pretty quick and painlessly.


It has 8 channels 2 XLR mic preamps, 6 ¼ stereo inputs. This unit does not connect or interact with your computer. It is very light and portable.


The MG82cx works well and it’s a well constructed mixer. I was using this mixer for a small set up for almost a year and never had any issues with it. It is easy to understand and start using right out of the box. It is actually better than a lot of other mixers that are in its price range. You can purchase it in blue or in black. All of the knobs are well built and have a nice resistance to them. The one knob compressor on the MG82cx is my favorite feature that it has. My least part about this mixer is that I wish it had some sort of computer connectivity for transferring files to the DAW. But even without the connectivity to a computer the mixer is still very good, and it is very dependable. You will not have to worry about it not working or falling apart on you.