Yamaha MG10/2
Yamaha MG10/2

MG10/2, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG series.

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AlanForPresident 06/28/2012

Yamaha MG10/2 : AlanForPresident's user review

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The Yamaha MG series 10/ 2 is a very affordable analog mixer that can be used for a bunch of different scenarios. One of the great things about this 10 channel mixer is that it has phantom power for all of your mics that need phantom power . It has it right on board, also this thing couldn’t be any easier to use. There really aren't any bells and whistle with it. Its pretty simple installation and getting it up and running is very easy with almost no knowledge of how mixers work you will have no problems at all.


Very easy to get started with and it is very well built. I haven't seen many mixers that are built this well for less than 100 dollars. For someone who has used software as a mixer you should give this a shot , its just a little investment and you will eliminate so many headaches that software’s bring about. Most mixers that are this good cost at least twice as much as the Yamaha MG 102c and the great thing about it is, depending on where you get it at it may come with a lifetime warranty like mind did. I am not sure if that is just a local store thing or a Yamaha thing but I have a lifetime warranty on it if anything fails or breaks and its not our fault then it will get fixed and if they cant fix it they will replace it with a new one . Even if they don’t have any more because it isn’t manufactured anymore they will replace it with the newest yamaha closest model that they have. Which is great because it makes using the MG 102c worry free.


sounds great, no hiss


Overall, it’s a great analog mixer at a cheap price. I will continue to use this mixer for years to come.