Yamaha MG12/4
Yamaha MG12/4

MG12/4, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG series.

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jg_r_e_e_n 06/02/2003

Yamaha MG12/4 : jg_r_e_e_n's user review


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Audience: Advanced Users
Rackmount Console 12 votes (four microphone / line inputs and four line inputs Stereo), 2 send / return auxiliary (pre or post fader), insert 6-channel (48v supply), a bus stro.

More information here ( ).

Connection of any kind (XLR, jack, RCA) ... 3-band EQ (very effective) .. no built-in effects
I was looking for smaller, but for the same price, I was twice as big .. So in fact c + ke cell coat what I wanted ....


Configuration gnrale super simple. You branches, you put in ON, you go up the gain, volume gnral and rulezzzz .... it's thunder.
Trs simple little we know how it works at least one table.

The manual available at Tlcharger trs complete (and provided in 4 languages), with a section on the sound and the basics of mixing for novices .... all the connections is detailed, and many installation example to identify a little bte.

The case looks strong, while mtal, and yet there's no knob or fader that has dcroch (after one week, it would be a shame too ..) .. for color, we like it or not (a will for me, I have a 61 mc Studiotech all blue lol)


My configuration:
PC with USB Audiophile.
The master outputs are connected to the MG on my HIFI (until my little monitors .. sniff) output buses to the Audiophile USB, and outputs a channel audiophile USB to Stereo.
APRs have recorded guitars (directly and through amp / Micro), no hiss or noise apparent (I have not the Mickey Mouse ears) ...
The sound is the sound that comes comes out .... The only slight snag, I do not know if just a table or SM57, but you have to push hard trs gain of (3 / 4 limit) for the light peak begins flashing .... the pramplis are super quality but can be expected to cough up a little more my taste .. but I repeat, may be also the SM57 which must be pushed to sound ...
EQ super efficient, high-pass filter (to cut frquences below 80hz) ...


I have been using less than a week, and for the moment, adchire ...
What I like is the bus that allows me to get out I want the voices of the audiophile, without nose derrire ds console change my instrument.
I tried a little qq MODEL cheap before (phonic and Beringher), and there's no picture .... Above all, avoid phonic plz.
Report quality price I hallucinating trouce (pay 180 euros in a shop in pa .. Submitted with whom I had same issues when qq)
It's not pro gear, but for that price, I think I have only half the competitors in .... and pramps, they turn more.
I am violent in terms of scoring, but since I'm happy, I do not deny it.
If you want ifnos, hsitez not m'enoyer an email.