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bimole 09/24/2004

Alesis Ion : bimole's user review


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For specifications see below they are very well exposed.
-1 Point for against polyphony (not very annoying anyway) and flatness of the synthesizer, annoying as to the legibility of the screen but great in terms of design.


Ergonomics FABULOUS, sumptuous, BEAUTIFUL, GOD, exceptionally short I do not have enough adjectives for caracériser. It surpasses comfortable the Nord Lead 3 is yet a reference in the field thanks to the endless combinaision of knobs and widescreen. The two modulation wheels that light up proggressivement is the icing on the cake!
In short we have everything on hand where needed when needed.
Manuel almost useless. Note that the manual from the first version of the OS differs from reality, some menus are not in the same place in the synth, but nothing nasty.


Again Alesis was strong. A rich, broad, thick, precise emanates from this machine. It can also sound out the general purposes but is rather ... sweet! The filters are very expressive, the oscilloscope very rich (white and pink noise are huge), the awesome routing and modulation possibilities virtually endless thanks to the matrix-powerful. In short sounds are alive. Some bass are really thinking about the moog and some cloths to Jupiter and Oberheim, and sync so Pro-5. The effects are still a little behind compared to the quality of the whole. Having said this synth sounds great already dry (no effect) then can not imagine a multi-effects worthy of the name ...


This is my first "analog". I have a microKORG complement and complete two perfectly. I have since 2 weeks. I have not much back but I am pleasantly surprised with the sound quality, ergonomics and opportunities for that price (777 € chez Thomann).
A real "instrument" Music