Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

XeRoSoReX 09/09/2012

Korg microKORG : XeRoSoReX's user review

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mini keyboard, hard drive for a pianist, the sounds are editable, even in real time, but it is not practical. funk to hardcore. midi in / out / thru, 2 audio in, audio editing software for pc / mac.


Lédition is not necessarily complicated, but it lacks pottards must associate functions with five pottards present, not simply live if you want to play from the cutoff, and play with miss an lfo for example, is actually impossible must parameterize your sound in advance. and you can not (or I still have not found out how) reusing the basic functions of pottards in their native functions (cutoff, resolution, etc ... about leaving edit mode, and CA is a lower wholesale


funk to hardcore everything can go, plus it's pretty easy to find "maps" on the internet to create sounds mythical brass pad of cs 80, solina string machine, lower the laser harp JMJ etc ...


this is the 2nd I bought in 7 years, I had JP 8000, but this is not even comparable. that this ej'aime least, sound editing live with an impossible return to the basic functions of the knobs, what I like most is its portability and bass sounds, filters are good , it will exit beautiful infra. value for money, hard to beat, it's not pure analog, but the bass and lead sounds are very good, it built for that! there poossibilité out of beautiful pads, but it is not his specialty, lack of polyphony