Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

juleton 03/28/2008

Korg microKORG : juleton's user review


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See product of diss (Enthusiast (e) music, wants to do his job.) It describes the product very well.
editor mac / pc is a slight
poliphonie too small (4touches)
faiblar vocoder (8bandes)
micro shabby home
for the pianist: problem of small keyboard keys

if not from all those little black dots on microKORG is a good keyboard suffers just a design that makes it a little too like a toy while in his heart he knows that c is potentially a great big machine.


Getting started with super-fast.
Software pc / mac is a bit light and not necessarily more convenient than the edition directly on the keyboard.
edition especially with the nice keyboard rotary controllers that are really good.
manual is thick and clear.


The original sounds are generally quite successful.
especially the bass sounds have a hell of a potato.
modulation effects with the rotary controllers is really interesting when one has set its tone.
against by the vocoder is quite low:
one hand the original microphone is quite rotten
other hand the bandwidth will not allow you to do daft punk. (Even with a good microphone, becaufe can remove the original microphone to put in another jack)


I use the microKORG from a can over a year now.
unlike the appearance of toy piano, once connected the sound system has a good microKORG can quickly peter the house (I repeat especially with bass sounds).
just a pity that he suffer his aesthetic of toy (touch, micro playskool ...)
j'd hesitate with the alesis micron, but the radical sound of microKORG had much rain that its very clean and everything "first class" micron.
value for money is honest but do not hesitate to buy it secondhand, it's a real resistance machine.
at the time when I bought it I would do gladly that choice. Today, with a bit more money you can afford a korg r3, which is not exactly a microKORG microKORG errors.