Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

Paper Jam 06/27/2004

Korg microKORG : Paper Jam's user review


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The least we can say is that unpacking, it was more like buying a toy than a real synth: a manual in A5 format with nice drawings, names program included on the device ("Trance", "Electronica", etc.). who believe that this is an electronic organ (someone said Casio?), a transformer (argh!), the touches.
But make no mistake: 2x2 oscillator and noise generator, two LFOs, four-voice polyphony, filters LPF - GMP - HPF, envelopes, ring modulation and sync CSOs, all the basic waveforms over 64 predefined (Digital Waveform) Midi 3 connections, audio input (you can guess why!), 8-band vocoder, and matrix modulation.
It has everything a good synth, and for good reason: it is the engine of the Korg MS2000!


Well, if you want to judge properly the device, be aware that costs less than 500 euro!
Therefore, we forgive him the two-digit display (no program names so), these little touches toys (but sensitive!), His edition matrix, its lack of polyphony.
The rest, finishing very "vintage" makes the device pleasant side wooden knobs inherited from ancestors: it is a pleasure to handle.
When the sound, the unit performs so it is designed: the analog, only the analog basses, leads, effects. For groundwater, it is less exciting, because of the lack of polyphony. And attention, if you want to imitate electric pianos, organs, strings, go your way.
Filters: excellent. By pushing the resonance, we get these little "tuit" as is currently fashionable.
The vocoder: it fills its function without any problems. A microphone is provided, but it takes strong ambient sound (hello feedback in live!). Just for him, the MicroKorg worth buying (for the vocoder, not for the micro ...).


The MicroKorg is to enter the world of synthesis, or to complete his studio. For me it is a device perfectly complementing my set (with a Yamaha AN1x, an A5000 sampler, groovebox RM1x ...), and I use in two projects:
1) In a project electro / downtempo / breakbeat entitled PAPER JAM (http://www.paperjam.be), with some appearances in titles like SPEAK FRENCH and THE TRUE STORY (listening on the site).
2) My electro-rock LAUNCH FREE (http://www.freelaunch.net), where I not only creates sounds that must find their place between the guitars, but it also serves as my master keyboard! In fact, being small, light, with a keyboard sliding over seven octaves, and reliable controllers, it is perfect to control my sampler.
In short, to conclude, MicroKorg is small ... but strong!


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