Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

Le Bourgmestre 04/02/2004

Korg microKORG : Le Bourgmestre's user review


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This synth is for me the complment of my setup for rpt '. With a keyboard 76 notes plus another 61-j'tais a fair bit but take another 61 notes to carry around 2 times a week, blah ... And then comes the MicroKorg!
Personally, I find it a good boil. A little cheap, nortro, kitsch as you want ... I like it but me well.
So it's small, so small keys and rponse the game is not great but not made to play Bach.
Against it by no sustain pedals ... damage to the ground (and yes, I used a lot ... and with the polyphony limit falls within the sound color, trs vintage for once!)


The edition of sounds is quite simple actually. It is a kind of matrix. I've seen much worse! The manual is correct


The sounds can be rather Varis. Easily adjustable techno, but personal, I prog rock 'and I use it for groundwater (very good filter), leads (quite aggressive, but the guitarist is so mtal must keep in check) abroad and sounds (with arpgateur, trs effective).
But above all it has a POTATO! The bass are mchants are frankly ... Attention to the speakers. By comparison my AN1x, the sound is fatter.
The vocoder is correct but not be whopping.


Trs good synth booster, very practical for live and rpt '(size, weight ...) and sounds interesting. In short, a good deal.