Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

fritesgrec 01/12/2004

Korg microKORG : fritesgrec's user review


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Analog Synth modlisation, the cheapest in nine (I think).
5 pots assigned by two big switches (matrix edition imbitable criterion on the synth. You will enjoy many hours over APRS, we no longer need to read! Regarding mode performance, bin 5 pots is low ... but nothing prevents you from trading while in edit mode while continuing to play the sound. paramtres few "cut" sound when changing .
A small default: the pots are not "infinite", as it must go through the current value of a parameter to change it.
The screen is ridiculous and most of the time displays incomprhensibles stuff. But you get used to it.
At synthse is super full:
-Many waveforms for OSC1, OSC2, but not for good. can modulate OSC1 OSC2 but we also have 2 LFO. The filters are good, ADSR envelope, flange effects, phaser, together.

4 note polyphony "only" but you can get the big big sound (including unison function).
Bitimbral (polyphony falls 2).

Arpgiateur trs nice but a bit basic (5 presets paramtrables little).
Vocoder little used at the moment but quite funny!

For those put off by that edition, there is a good free editor for PC and Mac.

To pay the price (380 new) hard to beat (from OCCAZ).
The note takes account of course the price is not an andromeda either!


Good use is clearly not intuitive to beginners. But we have fun so we move speed. I knew nothing of synthse before buying (part vaguely Thor), the sound of Fast Fashion A logical steps by Z (depending on the matrix) is teaching trs .

The manual is average or transcendental or no ch ...

The editor is especially convenient and free!

In addition, the MS2000 patches are used directly (sysex compatible) then made a huge sound bank (see the yahoo forums MS2000).


Many say it is east techno dance. Finally I want to say Users presets say a. The presets are pretty rotten, and especially in classs catgories compltement absurd!

Korg, why armadillo Fawn indlbile "techno" "electronica" "trance" ... on my beautiful synth?? (More beautiful it is!). Why not put classes such as "low" "lead" "pads" "fx ".?????? It is good for everything from reorganization after the synth in hand.

Otherwise, only to return to the sounds, it's synthse analogue (simulated) so we can get the sounds you want! And they can be greasy, even sinister, even tripe, ... m'tonne it all day this little synth He did not envy other more expensive synths!


I for 1 month now. I hsit with AN1x OCCAZ but to try the microKORG has convinced me. I use it to weird music (style boards of canada) or more components to dress some pop folk (of Grandaddy) ...

Polyphony could be up 6! And a small t squenceur would welcome, but good for 380 today ...