Novation KS4
Novation KS4

KS4, Analog Modeling Synth from Novation in the KS / K-Station series.

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conyB 08/20/2004

Novation KS4 : conyB's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a nice synth of "Star Trek" to 4 octaves with a good thirty knobs, pitch and modulation. it is easy and straightforward, the connection is "neither too much nor too little ".....( see data sheet)
4 parts for polyphony is 16 (-1 point) limit even without classical music ....
a notch a little lightweight (-1 point) to see o it is but the menus are trs goods supplied .....
good effects subtly Assayable .... all is the sound for the hacker that I am!
Attention! this is not a toy dj gocentriques frustrated lack of fiddling knobs,
ks the trs is a tool that can condition some attention!!


The config is simple: for eight hours to fully charge!
infinity sounds are manufacturable according organiss family (bass, strings, drum; arpges; pad, etc ).... ....... sweep storage is easy and there is spot
only the production of voice coding is a bit difficult as you want to do more subtle than "dear" or "Robocop". (-1 out of 20)
the manual is the image of the brand: srieux and clear that a intrt Submitted for modlisation sound ..... it is clear to the novice but it is empty it is not over ... it is read without being Dranger started ..... 3 oscillators be technical for me.


Ah! sound!
I make the trip hop and some rock lctro ......
then bravo for the low (sub-lethal) the strings and electronic arpges!
the rest is good but like any synth modlisation .... the best is what we cre!
7 (+ vocoder) effects go well trs (distortion and delay ++++) and are not unbalanced by layering parts ......
on the same midi channel you can really have a gnial made no mention of "hypersynchro"
he should not be abused sr good !!!!!
everything has changed and it is good ....... then do not buy this synth for a good guitar sound Deutsche raliste you all wrong here ... 's is the modulation of the world!!


I KS4 for 18 months, he suits me wonders and I know him as a true ....( my pocket
strong point!)
I tried the 2000 ms, but cheaper too limited (2 osc. polyph ....)... the "access" are too expensive
for what I do!
the 4 ks conspicuous by its price, ergonomics and sound ......
qques the low point as polyphony, the number of parties, no update or presets ""..... limits would make it more expensive ......
trs qualitprix good value for those who want work of his choice .... again,
because today I still see nothing equivalent that price.