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MGR/Axe Murderer 04/07/2002

Fostex X-12 : MGR/Axe Murderer's user review

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I wanted something to lay down multiple tracks
and this was the cheapest I could find. Paid
$99 for it.

Not bad at all for the price. I went to a
friend's house who has a drum set and laid
down a drum track, then the next day I put 2
guitar tracks down and mixed it back up. I was
impressed with the sound from such a cheap

When listening to one track via headphones,
and trying to record another track at the
same time, I notice that the sound is kinda
buzzy. But this does not effect the recorded
sound, only the monitored sound. Makes it a
bit harder to clearly hear the track you are

Seems to be constructed ok. No problems noted.

What I like is the simplicity. No high tech
100pg manual and steep learning curve here.
Uses cassette tape, no disk drives or other
crap to go wrong. To me that is part of the beauty
of this unit. This is obviously not for
serious recording (duh) but it's good enough
for playing around and having a lot of fun
putting 4 tracks together. For the price,
I'll give it a 4.

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