Tascam Portastudio 488
Tascam Portastudio 488
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fluctus 08/06/2004

Tascam Portastudio 488 : fluctus's user review


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I sold mine in 2003 for a system that Creamware ..
Before I had the opportunity to record a yamaha MT4X sru (correct no more), and Aka on a 4-track EQ with 2 semi-paramtrique per (fabulous, the best recording I test K7 : clear sound and dynamic, it is Dolby NR is transparent and does not include).

The particularity of the tascam is the DBX noise rducteur: Unlike Dolby, it is single channel, and gives a warm grain trs recordings. If one knows how to use this signature sound can be trs INTERESTED. (The DBX compresses the sound recording, and playing an expander restores the dynamic signal).
And instruments ncessitant compression can be registered trs fort, beyond the recommended level for the peak of the cups are dynamic DBX.
For atmosphere and cons for the more subtle instruments ncessitent record below the recommended level for that avoid their attacks are so affected.
So well suited to a recorder amplified music, but it will soon reach the limits of the music quieter, in which case the DBX is less effective than Dolby, and peroit a little breath (which is not the case with music batteries).

Fully flexible routing and monitoring section complte enough, in a UEO make it complex for beginners, who ncessitera time to adapt: ​​as a small Mackie, we can do many things inconceivable with their competitors, but you have to dig a little brains ... it is not enough to press a button, as on high-end devices. Nanmoins, functions well Submitted research, and it is the most!

Locators are effective and apprciables trs.

The MK2 version brings to 488: 2 pramplis micro supplmentaires EQ and a semi-paramtrique missing on the version and Premire ncessitaient to invest in external devices.

I have never regretted my choice, it made me Fidler of dedicated service, and all my clients the quality lou records raliss. When I prt of musician friends, the extreme simplicity of the 2-band shelving EQ allowed users inexpriments to do a good job without errors that EQ is meant when newbies are facing an EQ parameter.

magnto this is part of the high-end Portastudios any smarques combined. Number of albums with mythical raliss t (Rita Mitsouko, Katerine, Dominique A. ..).