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moosers 12/02/2010

Yamaha MT4X : moosers's user review


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The Yamaha MT4X is an old school, four track cassette recording device. Of course recorders like this are quite outdated at this point, but there's still a little bit of worth in this and even though they aren't highly sought after, there's still a number of these floating around. I'm not sure the year on the MT4X, but a good friend of mine still has one, although we haven't used it together in years. I did some of my earliest recordings a number of years ago with him on this tape recorder, really just to get down ideas. It wasn't like we sought this out as his older brother had one and we ended up using it just because it was around. It's got all the things that you'd expect with a four track cassette recorder, which by modern standards honestly isn't much. Each of the four channels has built in EQ and gain control, as well as their own fader. There's also a master channel. As far as connections go, each channel has it's own 1/4" input, although there's no XLR jacks or phantom power built in. For outputs it's got RCA jacks for monitor outs, stereo outs, and four tape outs. There are also auxiliary send and returns in the form of 1/4" jacks. You've really just got the bare minimum here, but what else do you want when you're recording to a cassette? The price of these shouldn't be very much these days, as I do think you're a bit crazy if you go this route rather than setting up your own DAW, but in addition there's something to be said for it. I don't know that I'd necessarily recommend the MT4X over other 4 track cassette models, but if you're looking for one and come across this one at a cheap price, there's no reason why it won't work just as well for you as most others out there...