Claygues 08/12/2007

Yamaha MT50 : Claygues's user review


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I used this 4-track cassette for 4 years, 5 years and I work with computer + sound card, an ESI Juli @. Obviously I only rarely used more than trs.
It is to think that this kind of stuff is on quality compltement Exceeds the reliability and flexibility.
Well, for me, so much sre, but not entirely:
I still rcemment statement recording the go-fast bass drums guitar simultaneously. The sound is something more "smooth", I can not say otherwise, especially in the bass. Same for old records, the costs the sound has a texture that I can not find my current gear.
on the other hand there is a lack of treble fairly obvious.
. its smooth
. 4 tracks recording simultaneously.
. x2 speed corrector which lends the sound remaining "smooth.
. dfile double speed (cassette criterion is 60 minutes on both sides once and two times faster, lasts 1 / 4 of an hour) I can re-read the tape in a normal plate, the sound is slow, the CRER, fashion concrte music, original sounds. From simple plastic bugs falling into a glass bowl given me such incredible things! With the sounds of synths on a slow envelopes for rsultat indict.

The least
. lack of acute
. wow (minimal cyclic variation of the speed of dfile)
. lack of reliability A track can be gobbled up his acute Manir irrversible.