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Sony TC-630



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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 07/18/2009 at 09:10:20

Any body got any info on this old Sony deck I found would be appreciated.  I just got it from a friend? well I still call him a friend so far. Anyway it seems it only has one electric motor in it and I always thought it took more than one to run a tape deck, but any way here is my problem with it,,, the motor seems to quit as soon as it gets a little warm in there! and if I let it sit in the on possisino with out any thing running other than the on possission it gets REALLY HOT enough to burn the skin off my hand! and it won't run of course.  I've gone on-line to try and find a motor but alass the Sony deck is too old to find parts for it! if any one has any places to look for these old parts please, please talk to me!! I really got hooked on the deck and don't want to give up on it .  OR should I just junk what I have and find a different deck to put my money in??  I really don't know if the sony TC-630 was a good machine or of low quality. It weighs enough to go into battle with as a wepon..  Please talk to me I'm lost here.


Nikon Neil
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