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Abstrakt Instruments Avalon, synth and sequencer

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When former x0xb0x DIYers get into synth design, the result is Avalon, an analog bass synth and digital sequencer.

Abstrakt Instruments was inspired by the Roland TB-303 bass synth to design the core circuit in Avalon, to which they added an analog/digital hybrid circuit and a slot for expansion cards that will work just like to use plug-ins in your DAW.




  • Analog synthesizer with:
    • One oscillator with square and saw waveforms, and a range of 5 octaves
    • A sub-oscillator with saw, triangle and square waveforms, a -1 and -2 octave range
    • Filters with cutoff frequency, resonance, envelope modulation, modulation depth and tracking
    • Filter envelope with decay, accent decay times and accent depth controls
    • Utility envelope with attack and decay times, trigger source (gate, accent, slide, non-accent), VCA and filter modulation depths (bipolar)
    • VCA envelope with decay and modulation depth
  • Digital sequencer with:
    • 44 patterns that can be transferred via MIDI/USB, 64 steps max, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and triplet modes
    • Copy, paste, clear, dump, reverse, random, skip step functions
    • Shuffle
    • Slide times: 50ms, 100ms, 400ms and 2s
    • Arpeggiator with live, real time, pitch and time per step recording modes
    • Memorized pitch, note length, accent, slide, Utility envelope trigger source, backlight and Filter B mode per pattern
    • 56 tracks (7x8) that can be transferred via MIDI/USB
    • Track chain and transpose functions, with pattern order, chaining, repeat and per step transpose setting storing
    • Tempos between 40 and 300 BPM
    • Chromatic keyboard
  • Audio outputs: main, headphones, saw, square, filter/amp
  • Audio input: filter
  • Gate/CV in and out
  • Filter CV in
  • Accent Sweep out
  • USB port
  • MIDI in and out
  • DINSync in and out
  • Synth Cartridge System slot
  • Dimensions: 346 x 172 x 45mm
  • Weight: 2.36 kg

The Avalon is not available yet but according to Abstrakt Instruments, its price should stay below $1000.

The manufacturer will also offer 5 filter cards that can be hot-swapped to expand the synth capacities:

  • Transistor Ladder Filter: based on the Minimoog filter with 12dB and 24dB modes
  • SEM State Variable Filter: based on the Oberheim SEM filter with high- and low-pass modes
  • JP Low Pass Filter: based on the filter of the Juno 6/60 and Jupiter 8 with 12 and 24dB modes
  • 4075 Low Pass Filter: reproduces the low-pass filter on the ARP 4075 with 12 and 24dB modes
  • Wasp Multimode Filter: a version of the Wasp 12dB multimode filter

Discover the Avalon and the filter cartridges at


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