Analogue Solutions Red Square
Analogue Solutions Red Square

Red Square, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Analogue Solutions.

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White O 10/10/2005

Analogue Solutions Red Square : White O's user review


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Rack semi modular analog version 2, Red Square has a good finish, sturdy and neat.
On the rear panel is a power supply 220/110, one input and one audio output, two MIDI in / thru.
On the front of a multitude of knobs and holes (Jack 6.5), obviously it is a modular, monophonic therefore, no presets, no backups, but sounds to the infinite, simply activate the brain. . ;)
Found in facade: 2 VCO, 1 ADSR, 1 AR, 1 LFO, 1 S + H, 1 VCF, 1 Mixer, 1 VCA, 1 MIDI / CV, RingMod 1, 3 and 1 Multiple headphone. The MIDI interface is really good and complete (pitch, control, trig, accent), no problems.
2 ADSR would have been perfect!


So for simplicity, it is better to forget the modular saw the possibilities of wiring, you can not say that it is simple, on the other hand is exciting! Once you take the machine in hand, it is a treat! surprises at every cabling;)
It should be a few basic concepts ... the manual is a minimum but goes around the machine, it is clear.


The sound ... The highlight of analogue instruments!
I find much focus "electro sounds that stain" So far I have used both for big bass that leads the Red Square has character, obviously! Sounds are fast becoming the key elements!
The expression (of course depending on the wiring) is excellent opportunity to sound crude, aggressive, resonance, elastic ... In short a good range. The reaction to the keyboard provided quite a surprise, compared with accents, it is anything but flat!


I've had eight months, I played with a lot of digital synths / modeling (Waldorf, Korg, Novation, Kurweil, Oberheim ..), plugins virtual .. Of course nothing beats a real analog sound is responsible for expression and has a grain and character that we can not imitate in my opinion, too many variations ... It's alive!
I also use an Analogue Systems modular rack and a Sherman Filterbank 2. The Red Square in his personality, I do not pass, it's a beautiful instrument!