Analogue Solutions Red Square
Analogue Solutions Red Square

Red Square, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Analogue Solutions.

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_Arch 09/18/2003

Analogue Solutions Red Square : _Arch's user review


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This is a semi-modular monophonic analog synthtiseur.
2 VCO (saw and square), 1 VCF (LP), a VCA, EG 2 (1 1 AR and ADSR), 1 LFO, 1 Ring Modulator, a sample and hold, a Midi to CV, 3 multiple.
All the connections is Jack 6.35, the manufacturing quality is good but a little EHJV by a finish that seems limited (mounting the front panel not align with the box)
internally powered (220V) and I reu the synth patches with seven cables (a bit limited in view of the possibility of the unit)
A system that is open, compatible with most brand diffrent modules (Analog System, Doepfer ....)


Well, we are dealing an analog instrument and says it all!
Here, no patch or backup memory except that the user (and again)

The first range of pre-patch is RedSquare internally and allows the Fast Fashion sounds without the need for any cable, which is quite comfortable when you never touch a modular.
This range is "cable" as follows: VCO1-> Mixer-> VCF-> EG1 (AR) -> VCA, the pitch of the Midi-CV is connected to VCO1.

The rest of the modules is patchable Premire envy with this range. in my case, I am still far from trs toured all the possibilities.

The manual is unfortunately trs succinct, do not expect him to learn the fondemmentaux synthse. The result is a brief description of modules, some (rare) examples of patches and with the procedures for calibrating VCO and the Midi-CV.


Of true happiness in a red box!
The Red Square is a real instrument with a soul, a well-affirm characters and sound all its own. It's not Moog (less "fat" in the lower, but also less overdone) or the MS-20 (despite what the manufacturer), an indescribable ARP can be (and again) is warmer than a Doepfer (IMHO) and much cheaper than the RS Analog System.

I read that the oscillators were not the most stable - this is partly true, but especially during the Premire 15 minutes of use. After the Red Square is temprature, large carts keeping the agreement are quite rare.


I possde synthtiseur the past 3 months.
As much as I have never t comfortable with the synths (both in sound and in terms of ergonomics) as the potential of Red Square cratif allows me to advance in my compos.

The report qualitprix and price / performance is because I think trs INTERESTED even if it is below a true modular system, the possibilities are not so much less important and for someone with a beginners synth is the IDAL.

I would do without this choice hsiter and I keep it in the middle of a larger modular sytme