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yohda 10/06/2005

Cwejman S1 : yohda's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The Cwejman S1 MK2 is a semi-modular analog synth mono 5 units high with all the controls on the front and some behind gate input and cv (in addition to traditional power cords (with interuptor 115 or 220V), midi and audio ( in jack or XLR)).
Very compact and looks very simple and neat.
willingness modules and jack (at the bottom so as not to be gn by cables)
one lfo but complete: trigger, rate, amplitude, slewed sample and hold (2 slew speeds)
dadsr two ultra fast and percussive to cre complex of revolutions (by combining and delaying one of two with the delay eg.) moreover it is fully controlled with cv. Two trigger noon dclancher indpendament both dadsr.
two filters that sounds full and ultra trs differ in appearance: a 24/36 db and 24 dB lowpass quasibandpass and multimode 12/24/36 db lowpass, HIPASS bandpass with a mixer for each shuffled signals. Each of the mixer, when you put several signals substance saturates way diffrent
more distortion trs fat and warm
the prepatchage is very well thought: FM of CSOs, two sync (2 osc per osc1; OSC3 by OSC2) envs combinations of filters for the vca
MIDI converter cv Intgr fairly complete controllable by a small software (downloadable on the manufacturer's website)


Gnrale the config is very easy to access when you know the analog synthesis.
The edition also remains simple, despite the flexibility of the machine.
I find that the configuration functions using the Fast Fashion inspires new ides (at least in my case).
The manual is very well RALIS and pens, complete with diagram and all the technical numbers corresponding to the values ​​of cv, and diffrent CHARACTERISTICS of each module.


The sounds are varied trs is this synth is suitable for a lot of music because it can diffrent CRER a great diversity of sound. trs expression is good, the converter Intgr rpondant the VLOC aftertouch, mod wheel ...
The most impressive for me (aside from its ability synthtiser trs percussive sounds) is in the fact that it can both trs sound sweet (like fine dlicat) or tr s aggressive (or trs big, warm, pais) and be comfortable every time.
The big plus I think it's the filters that sound beautifully in all circumstances.
Moreover, when combined sound can REALLY become standard and trs diffrent combinations are expressive and provide access both sound "vintage" like others who are r solute no.


I do not use it since trs long few weeks but I am won over by his FLEXIBILITY possibility of sculpture and sound through the filters. I compared my other synths: studio electronics, evolver, kawai 100f-s and by far the one that allows me to achieve and crushing sounds I like.
Even if it is true that it is quite expensive (2550 euros in constructor that is helpful and trs trs rpond quickly to e-mail) I think he REALLY is and The report price is good quality.
Exprience with this choice I would do without hsiter, it remains for me to take advantage of its modularity to expand a little (I heard that prpar Cwejman modules ind for to broaden its product range available)
I have been anywhere the maximum because I think nothing is perfect in this world ...