Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop Pot Edition
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop Pot Edition

Prophet '08 Desktop Pot Edition, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Dave Smith Instruments.


Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop Pot Edition : Anonymous 's user review


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This is an analog synthesizer and everything is parameterizable, which means that thousands of sounds are possible.
there are two stereo audio outputs
between MIDI DIN
polyphony of 8 channels => played together, wow, what thickness! this is huge for playing tables.


super easy to use.
I the sequence with an Octatrack or my op1 or simply a master keyboard, all this to get different inspirations ....
the prophet receives perfectly noon chgmt prog messages etc. ...


the sound is very typical and like all my machines is precisely why I'm in love.
I was lucky to find a Books (AF on the way) and I honestly do not understand how you can sell a similar instrument. you can do so many things with: Lead sequences (with the internal sequencer), the bass very natural, especially the incredibly deep aquifers ...
we finally recognize easily the prophet and of his example, I metttrai my May to cut, it is used by Tom york in his solo projects (Atoms for Peace) and also by Boards Of Canada.


soon a year since I utlise.

value for money: it is not expensive for the instrument it is.
and I think it will remain an instrument of same value in several decades ...

A great value anyway.