Jon Apes Brigade 12/28/2010

Doepfer Dark Energy : Jon Apes Brigade's user review

«  Not bad at all ... »

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a nice little monophonic analog synth, convenient to carry, solid, although a fairly complete second oscillator and the ability to change waveform would have been welcome ... C


semi modular analog synth, so if you have understood the principle of subtractive synthesis is super simple ...


Sonnne it well, after I passed through a Metasonix TM5 or a big muff and bass, then, it really rips, I use it for big bass a little saturated and disgusting ...
to nearly everyone to do his sound.


I use it for more than six months it has really integrated into my live ... I'll buy a slim phatty but I keep it anyway.
It sounds good, it is preparation and not expensive, I recommend it to anyone who wants to go to analog synthesis, thanks to the USB port, the VSTI farewell and welcome to the magical world of hardware ...