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JoMoX AirBase 99 : Anonymous 's user review

«  - Hi, while fishing? - Yeah, serious »

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This is a synth (although the manual says otherwise) / beatbox rack format.
The technology used is analog synthesis for 4 instruments (kick, snare, low tom and high tom) and playing samples from 909/808/CR78 and "acoustic" for other instruments (hats / clap / rim / / cym / crash).
The rack also offers two LFOs and a few dedicated functions to certain instruments and it responds to velocity (if desired), which makes it ultra versatile.
To handle unit is available with an encoder "value". Facade has 6 buttons (some backlit) and a headphone output with a dedicated volume.
The connectors are standard in terms noon (the triplet) and for audio, no surprise (not in) but each instrument may benefit from a dedicated output.


The general configuration is very simple, the machine requires only 5 to 6 minutes of thinking to understand the architecture, editing is very easy, it remains on the same set of buttons in general.


Sounds suit anyone attracted to electronic music. The machine is very open, although the impression is strong on emulations of 909 and 808, even if the recognize, it is not necessarily very close to these machines, we say that the mind is in any case.
Beware though, this rack is much more powerful than the quoted machinery, we can go much further in editing sounds, but really much further.
The sound palette of the instrument is very wide, thank you to the functions "harmonics / eq / filters / lfos etc etc.
Machine a fishing mad even the samples are super fat, I did not feel whether samples sometimes they are so powerful.


I bought yesterday on AF to a gentleman I have to thank!
I have a few other models.
What I like most: the sound, what I like least: a few dedicated knobs would have been welcome!
Yes, I do it again this choice if AC had to represent.