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tweak 10/27/2011

JoMoX AirBase 99 : tweak's user review

«  I love it »

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Analog drum machine rack with separate outputs.
Controllable by noon, which receives the CC, has LFO, 4 banks of 100 sounds (for the number to verify it) with three banks backups.
Editable with a utility.


I open the record for the numbers of CC messages. I pilot with a drum machine. Before that I edited from a Korg KONTROL49.
Editing with zipper is super fun on the control with the drum machine is just perfect. It is close to 888 and 999 jomox has my taste for a round compared.


It sounds very good. I sold without much regret my Vermona DRM1 mk2. The sound is slamming as expected with this type of machine. Before she had a drum station, I bought and sold jomox in its place.
I have never regretted. The drum station is good but I prefer the Jomox even if you lose the front knobs. It is easy to circumvent.
It sounds bigger, more present, just analog, electro and much of the shot.
Please note I have a TR909 next and it is not the same thing. Actually it does not replace, the feel, the groove, the myth, too, the knobs, the sequence and sound.
But it's a great complement.


I have 3 years. One of the best purchases I made. It's worth nothing and it makes good points.
I had or I still have a TR707, DX200, ESX, drum machine, Machindrum UW, Drumstation, casio RZ1, the SP12 turbo, my MV8000, the Vermona DRM1, the TR909, a MC303, TR808 tested, and Boss dr880 and DR55.
I think I have an idea of ​​what a groove box and a drum machine and the Jomox is fine for the electro, techno, house etc etc and style related.

What I like most? price, the sound.
The least? the lack of knobs.
And of course I do it again this time a choice rather than two.