Novation BassStation Rack
Novation BassStation Rack

BassStation Rack, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Novation.

Tripy 12/05/2007

Novation BassStation Rack : Tripy's user review


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1U synth: small, compact.
16 pots for editing + 1 volume + 1 portamento.
Output jack6.5
Midi In / Out / Thru


Config very simple: you plug, it works.
The MIDI channel selection is done in 2 seconds.
Editing of sounds: a pure delight, there is a rack or on a button = 1 function = simple, fast, fun ...
The manual?? Yes, I ... but never open ...


The sounds are made for all types of electronic music and the bass line has a crucial role.
The sounds are not realistic (bass, bass) but very electroisants. Ideal for the electro, tek, drum 'n bass: it can get very very low, but also, to raise up in octaves, with surprising results!
Effects: no effect on the machine.

The notes will be 8 because even though the sound of this machine is very attractive, there are some areas where it does not excel, including acid type music sounds.


A great and simple machine, I always use a great pleasure for more than a year I think.

The value for money used is very good.

Coupled with a distortion pedal, we have fun a lot, but this machine sounds very round and warm, it's not a clone TB303, in my case at this level, I have a bassline that satisfies me acidlab enormously.