Novation BassStation Rack
Novation BassStation Rack

BassStation Rack, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Novation.

iXtlan23 10/06/2003

Novation BassStation Rack : iXtlan23's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It no longer has the inconrournable BassStation Rack ....
excellent model of synth bass designed by novation and especially for musicians electtonique desire to leave the big techno or hip hop (that means it's not a machine to make low-cons!)

Rear connectors: TRS output jakc 6.5, MIDI I / O + a thru
40 presets + 60 user preset manufacturers.


Using simple enough saver which already handles an expander can be less for a novice.
the 16 buttons on the front saying this makes the creation of its very intuitive compared to other synth much "school".

safeguarding the pattern is done in seconds and the OS is perfect for this type of machine.
on the far left button and volume portamento manage the overall behavior of the machine.
the rest is classic oscillator 2 (each with its own parameters. a controller button to the mix between the OSC1 and OSC2. waveform sawtooth or square on each tilt.


The sound is quite fine enough or rather "fat" like big bass to sound heavy, but can also be very fine in the leads .... the control of the frequencies associated with the resonance creates a multitude of different sounds work using the various associated LFOs.
it's good sound, recess is not a waldorf .. but the price is not dreaming!


Very good synth given its low price ... easy handling .... it effectively fulfills its role as part of a user oriented modern music.
I use it for 3 years and never had a jai seeds (oops except with the power supply to me once I let go of the change but it seems that it is quite common on the old power supply innovation?)