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zobi-la-mouche 06/05/2008

Studio Electronics Midimoog : zobi-la-mouche's user review


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Synthtiseur monophonic, rplique the minimoog.
Rack of 4 units.
Pilot through noon. unlike the original Minimoog, which is controlled by CV gate.
Everything pilot faade.
Chanel noon as lfo or filters.

These are printed circuit boards that have original moog t-rack.
When all the plates coul t fast enough you can imagine,
Likewise it is manufactured on and off its plates of schemas moog (midimini).
This explains the difference in dnomination.
The sound of midimoog midimini and is the same.


If you used a dj your minimoog is the same.
But with much greater stability of the oscilloscope.
Not report more or less from the original moog.
on the other hand is really more practical than it's seen as moog rack
can be put anywhere in the studio and control MIDI master keyboard with from across the pice if needed ....


It is the one taking a slap!
It's big, it's phat.
Ms small sounds seem enormous.
The sound is very vintage.
Moog not like repetition (travel) who have digital sound more tendency than their big sisters of 70 '.
I use it for basses, leads, fx, or ground appliances.
Super convenient for sound design, door opening sci fi, whoosh, wind alien ......
The possibilities are highly varied and are limited only by your imagination.
Although the sound is super, but typ After all, this is looking acchte when this kind of machine.


I use it for 5 years.
I can not get enough.
I have the time to sell a song to move to Voyager.
I listened to the travel and I kept my midimoog.
The travel is less fat, more cold.
It will not play much, but the diffrence is l!
A friend bought me the midimini rcement on ebay.
It is also well trs.
If you do not take one, take another.