Arturia MiniBrute
Arturia MiniBrute

MiniBrute, Analog Synth from Arturia in the MiniBrute series.

public price: $549 VAT
doudouglas 06/03/2014

Arturia MiniBrute : doudouglas's user review

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Everything has been said in the test.


You use it, it is turned on and it works.
Special mention to the manual, both simple, clear, comprehensive and didactic.
I never use plugs included in the box to record the sound setting. With a little experience we find very quickly that we seek. The absence of memory and preset is in my opinion a quality that requires the user to be creative all the time.


The sounds they agree your style of music? This is my first MiniBrute analog synthesizer. From the classical guitar, I adapt MiniBrute of sounds with guitar sounds to create a happy marriage. Having no other analog synthesizer, I have no material to compare. However it is clear that I no longer will touch one VSTi: turn the knobs to search or discover a sound is so enjoyable, and analog grain definitely bury any digital software.
Are they realistic? Given the nature of the machine, do not expect to get out of the sounds imitating certain instruments of the orchestra. Even if one can roughly imitate the sound of a clarinet, it will look more like a clarinet sound out of a Game Boy instead of the Berlin Philharmonic. But the interest is not there, in fact, the sound palette of MiniBrute only matched by the imagination of the man behind the instrument. It is quite fun and instructive to try to imitate sounds known: wind, cow, cat, R2D2, a fly on the floor dying after taking a pschit insecticide in the face ...
Are the effects effective and responsive? There are no built-in effect in the MiniBrute, personally I just sticks it a slight reverb and that's enough.
Expression is it good? The two dials and aftertouch allow nice expressiveness, especially since they are adjustable. The keyboard is nice although there is two octaves.
What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? Very good for bass, lead the beep, the squeaker, the BRRrraaaowOOoaoowwaoWw ... This synthesizer can be a monster if you push a little fader and knobs, especially the raw torque factor / filter. But it can also be very soft and this is what I enjoy most. It should not place undue reliance on demonstration videos that abound on the Internet; they do not reflect a comprehensive view of the instrument. Too often the demonstrators push the fader thoroughly, abusing the gross factor and Metalizer modulates excessive, while with a little finesse in the settings, the resulting sound becomes much more interesting and musical. Anyway, it depends what you trying to do too; In short, the MiniBrute can make music as noise.


How long have you use it? For six months. Daily.
What thing do you like most and least?
Positives: Steiner Parker filter characteristic, the gross factor, the mixer waveform, the enrichment of waves, the sub oscillator, envelopes, many possible modulations, grain, general architecture, fact that there is no preset or memory and finally the price.
The bad: the arpeggiator that I never use (although it is quite complete); I do not think I will use more of a sequencer (as available on SE). The cutoff control the aftertouch is probably improved. That's it for the negative.
Have you tried many other models before buying it? I knew that the old school synth emulations performed by Arturia, and no, I'd never put my finger on a real analog synth.
How would you rate the quality / price? Unbeatable!
I should note that I am unfortunately fell on a defective keyboard when my purchase in January 2014. After a few lines, a touch peeling of the entire keyboard but still playable. This defect only affected one set of production and the problem is now resolved. But it allowed me to have to do the service of the company has been able to show fast and efficient.
With experience, you do again this choice? Yes, without hesitation.
Besides, like this, by the way, if the team could lay Arturia us maxibrute, SuperBrute, mégabrute or gigabrute with why not: an additional tilt désaccordable a ring modulator, a keyboard 3 (or 3.5) octaves, a modular part, especially not polyphony or paraphonie thing here, no! So, if something like that out in the future, they could be sure, and some sell at least one.