Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4

Mopho x4, Analog Synth from Dave Smith Instruments.

public price: $1,299 VAT
revega 04/07/2014

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4 : revega's user review

«  A must! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The MophoX4 came out just before the Prophet 12 and mark a point more in the category of analog poly with DSI.
For specifications:
Polyphony 4 ratings
44 semi-weighted keys with velocity
100% analog signal
2 oscillators
Curtis low-pass filter switchable (2 or 4-pole)
Analog VCAs
Thomann 3 envelope generators (ADSR plus delay)
2 generators Sub-Octave
4 assignable performance by program
Not step sequencer 16 x 4 (top notch)
Fully programmable (editing software for Mac OS and Windows free download)
1024 programs (512 factory presets + 512 user presets Mopho mono contained only 512 erasable)
MIDI In / Out / Thru, and Poly Chain
Left and right audio outputs
Headphone output


Easy to use for novices and a little knowledge synthesis is never wrong because the manual will give you any info in this regard. But know that it proves very didactic as its architecture is logical.
For others, the dashboard is more transparent and is going fast enough to navigate.
The manual is in English only and is useful only for some hidden (Clock Divide example) functions.
Editing sounds is a breeze.


For sound we are in, very analog and powerful.
For the most seasoned and well we can say that we are closer to the atmosphere Sequential Circuits, there is a very distinctive sound Prophet, it is quite obvious.
Beautiful expression with aftertouch everything nice.
Two COD, a sub and a filter has 2/4 pole and there was a gross and very present analog. No effects and somewhere better as it is rare that it works on synths. As using an external rack.
It is capable of nice bass, lead expressive, well dressed FX, complex sequences and nuanced atmosphere. Briefly it can go far, very far.
In addition there is strong or MophoX4 is at its sequence (the arpeggiator is basic but useful). Typically with 4 programmable analog lines 16 steps. One program is assigned, it changes the clock divide and there .... That's great.
And again we say that memory is still not negligible for this type of machine. Because modulation possibilities are such that it would be difficult to find them every time.
There is then a standalone tool capable of simple or complex sequences and especially with the possibility of modulation / routing amazing enough for a synthesizer.
Polyphony 4 way is certainly minimalist but significantly increases the possibilities of games compared to Mopho mono.
Here an intelligent demo Mopho mono (same sound) who argues better than any speech:


Purchased after my enthusiasm for the Mopho mono (yellow) this version 4 lanes is no exception to the rule ISD. It's simple, well thought out, it sounds great, the synthetic possibilities are enormous and the quality of workmanship. What more? One would have hoped but it would have a MophoX8 ogled too closely on Prophet08 that, from a commercial point of view, would not have been seen.
After 6 months of use I can only delight me to have this Mophox4. Because today a 4 analog channels with memory, sequencer, midi, portable and affordable you know a lot? I do not.
The value for money is excellent in new and even better in secondhand.
I can not find him no competition except in the same school with the DSI Prophet 08 that does not sound at all like the Prophet 12 (very different again at his level, no sequencer and not the same budget) or the PolyEvolver (anymore).
In short, the MophoX4 is an excellent keyboard personality well said, autonomous and super reliable. A must.