Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08

Prophet '08, Analog Synth from Dave Smith Instruments.

revega 11/06/2014

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 : revega's user review


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The Prophet 08 is the synth symbolizing the return of Dave Smith (Sequential Circuits Mr) in the race for analos modern, polyphonic, hybrid view (Evolver requires). For specifics this is the most important:
Polyphony 8 notes (one of the only ones to offer it now)
2 classical oscillators
Curtis low-pass filter 2 and 4 pole
VCA architecture
52 buttons
4 LFOs Prophet
3 envelopes per voice + sequencer
Layers by two programs
5 octave keyboard
Velocity sensitive touch
Knobs Pitch Bend and Modulation
Dimensions: 883.9 x 98.4 x 307,3mm
Weight: 10 Kg and poorly resistant considering the number of times I've moved.


Once it is cleared of encoders of the first version then you have a very good grip and not hand knobs in good order.
Setup is simple but still requires a little time getting started. The manual is not much use, at most, give some ideas on the use of sequence or menus.
For editing sounds is easy, sauvergarde two banks of 128 sounds, 256 memory locations which is enough when you love doing sound research.
The sequencer is a real plus, quite simple when you know how to program the operation of the analog sequencers or 4 x 16 and not routable as you like, great !.
The modulation matrix makes a search engine which is not tired and it is difficult to go around.


I believe the Prophet 08 has caused much ink to its release on this (among others) as many have expected the re-birth of the illustrious Prophet 5. Dream naive because I do not think this model one day reproduces at a rate consistent (40,000 f at the time anyway, that is around 30 times the minimum wage !!!! As if you took out a New Prophet 5 ° Ed .... € 40,000 !!!! ???) if the specified linked to it and the complexity of the internal circuitry is resumed. As Dave Smith said, the world Chanhe and also as a synth design at the component level in its logical use.
So yes, even if it is not the same machine, it still feels a kinship between these two Prophet, obviously. We can then no doubt that the P08 is a machine for raw and refined and modern deep sounds, analog.
A standalone synth highly distinctive grain and undeniable presence. The filter is excellent and disperses a very 80's sound, it's pretty obvious (like Oberheim OB8 or Roland Jupiter / Juno, see ARP with the range of organ / synth)) and very special. Casually, if you know a synthesizer program can also be found on grain Prophet 5, this is not the same potato but it happens to more than troubling similarities (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = L0VnGI-C36W). We can make it do almost anything you want it still sounds relatively well.
Envelopes can seem a little soft but curiously it does not bother me at all, it's part of the signature of the P08 and identity and it counts.
The factory sounds are distressing (ultra-bound), it is far from the quality of programs Evolver KB but hey it's a synthesizer so it is up to each build their own sounds. With a lot of opportunities at hand it is pleasant enough and arrive quickly to very powerful result, basses, leads, strings, fx.
The integration of sounds in a mix, among other machines is remarkable, and it just sounds warm.
A very interesting demo that illustrates quite well the capabilities of the machine:

Another very revealing of the 'retro' potential P08


I have a few years and I have never regretted the purchase. I did customize the USA with DSI to get rid of the terrible encoders have the first version and the version of PE. The game is worth the effort and the result is perfect. Here you can play, program and sweat gear without worry.
We can nitpick and criticize him a keyboard a little 'cheap' but personally it never bothered me.
Value for money? Is there anything else on the market with similar characteristics? Not less than type in the tired (and still I'm not sure) and there is no safety net.
Given the park synth that I've had in my life, and after years of use, I can without hesitation place at the top of the ladder, next to those I never resell because this is exactly the kind of instrument that never fails to sing your inspiration. Top notch!