Hohner Bass 3
Hohner Bass 3

Bass 3, Analog Synth from Hohner.

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linn134 03/23/2005

Hohner Bass 3 : linn134's user review


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I just bought ...
Dj I spent hours on it.

- A keyboard that produces only low sounds typs.
- Stroke of heart: I saw him, I tried it I craqubr /> - a future "best seller" vintage version
- I will buy another if I found!

Bah ... if you did not know, I'm a fan of "weird things that make sounds" and all say I'm too much! It is a curious fate keyboard plutt only the production of bass sounds and monophonic monotimbrales in three variations: guitar / string / tuba ... two paramtres: volume envelope (relaxation) plus a pitch rgler screwdriver. The sound is the height of the curiosities inspired gear: large, thick and fat trs. Impossible to know how old this machine and if it's analog. But since the grain gnreux doubt is not sustainable. It spits death! But I'm not going to believe anything. The raw sound of machine is not really usable in the state and lots of treatments are possible. Small examples: - With pedals Electro-Harmonix Bass Synthesizer: a standard, once it rcupre any custom settings you could want on the Hohner (envelope, filters ...) - With a multi purpose low Korg Pandora: it's not great, we must treat rglages to get something good and even when it's complicated trs - With a Boss distortion pedals and ODB3 Chorus: Nothing to add is a killing. As you can see, this mini organ bass is a future object of desire and drooling lunatics do, I take care of you ending for a dmo trs! Excuse me, I go back, I have a crazy riff on the fire ...


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