Korg VC-10
Korg VC-10

VC-10, Analog Synth from Korg.

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Alain_DX7 12/30/2010

Korg VC-10 : Alain_DX7's user review


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Micro probably bad.


Very easy to use, but little possibility of creating separate the effect itself.


The intelligibility of speech is almost zero. We can not understand what is said into the microphone, unless a patient as articulate, to pronounce syllables long, and at the hearing to make a big effort of attention.
Basically, there are a, o, i, or. The rest is treated as such all sibilants (s, f, ch, z, v) that become "i", for lack of resolution of spectrum analysis in the treble. All consonants "plosives" (b, d, k, p, q, t) are indistinguishable. The m and n are indistinguishable.

Responsiveness is a terrible weakness: a very short percussion give a kind of "plop" guimauvesque.

The VC-10 vocoder is the only incomprehensible, all competitors are much better. Its coast is overvalued because of this.

The VC-10 modifies the spectrum of a sound, and can claim to produce effects, like a super-wha-wha pedal. Little more. Just listen to any other vocoder comprenre for the VC-10 vocoder is the worst ever built. Its coastline is largely overstated, precisely because the comparisons are almost nonexistent. I bought these vocoder


year of its release. I sold quickly. Very disappointing