Korg MaxiKorg 800 DV
Korg MaxiKorg 800 DV

MaxiKorg 800 DV, Analog Synth from Korg.

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Fredglass 07/22/2005

Korg MaxiKorg 800 DV : Fredglass's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Well, this synth in 1973, not Midif. These are two synths for a single keypad (trs heavy transport) so duophonic. The advantage of this particularity is that many Obviously two sounds, so diffrent two waveforms are combined. The little less, if you want to quibble is that sometimes, rglages identical, the two sounds are trslgrement dsaccordes towards each other (but hey, this is not dramatic). For cons, I can not find the keyboard trs enjoyable: I find it slow (not fast solos possible) and trs fragile: I am always afraid of breaking it. No pitch bend either ...


I have no manual ... Nanmoins, it's easy: one button = one function scabies. In addition, this synth a trs ct pdago INTERESTED because colorful diffrent agrmenter come all the buttons. on the other hand, and as I mentioned above dj: the two Co-ordinators can lead synths as much trs beautiful sounds that things that sound wrong. You just have to give a bit of trouble (just!).


It's not a moog, for the cons I never would sell! The bass is terrible! While fat will. I do not use nearly as. There is also a basic arpgiateur: TRS 70's (those who squeaker squeaker squeaker of Manir cyclic). The great thing is, with two synths sound itself DDouble = sound in two of four lines constitus Different. Personally, I find that more convenient vector synths.


I have about two years and it is true that we must take some time before the connatre bte. Over time we learn apprcier its grain and its operation especially trs. I am glad trs and I will highlight in my next recording (even if to sustain rglages trs limits will not simplify my chih). And then there was this synthesis of the mouth right? I do not know what his current cte, but it must be a good qualitprix saw sounds good fat coming out of this machine.