Korg Poly-61
Korg Poly-61

Poly-61, Analog Synth from Korg.

dajhne 03/02/2012

Korg Poly-61 : dajhne's user review

«  Ugly, but awesome! »

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61-key keyboard rather noisy, no velocity or aftertouch.
The filter is a 12dB Low Pass, and I find it very musical (I will return).
The LFO is limited to a sinusoidal waveform with delay, and apply the DCOs and / or filter.
The Poly61 has an ADSR envelope per voice, applicable to the VCA and / or filter. The VCA can be satisfied with a summary of envelope type on / off.
The 2 DCOs per voice (analog oscillators digitally stabilized) have each of the waveforms sawtooth and square. The osc. 1 also features the Pulse Width.
Note that the levels of parameter values ​​are graduated in steps. Thus, the resonance of VCF is limited to 7 no.
The pitch bend and modulation includes a joystick moving in four axes, and determining the pitch and speed of the modulation (LFO main independent) are set on the front via 2 potentiometers.

The Poly61 offers friendly game features:
An arpeggiator identical to the Poly 6, which trig easily via Arpegio IN. It offers classic modes Up, Down, Up & Down on one, or two octaves throughout the keyboard.
A Chord Memory, which is very convenient for electro OldSchool type agreements, but can stack the same note several times. This is similar to a unison and we get sounds devastating. Some leads are playing in mono as the chord memory with a single note makes the game monophonic. Practice.

Note that the original flanks age very poorly, which do not affect the operation of the synthesizer.
The memory device 64 are provided by a large pile that looks like a battery. The latter is responsible for the classic problem of the durability of Poly61: the battery leaks after 15/20ans use, flooding the circuit board of the acid contained inside.
However, access to the innards Poly61 is a breeze, and makes maintenance super fast. It is therefore easy to monitor year after year the damn battery, and dust within the same time.
Poly61 the standard does not provide MIDI. At least to move towards a Poly61 M, rare and expensive, which has a midi port minimum, it is advisable to install + kits sold separately twelve o'clock.


Because of its functions streamlined, the Poly61 is taken in hand very easily. If programming is done by an LED display red and green by entering the numbers and parameter values, it's still nice to create your own sounds.
Moreover, after a while, it is no longer necessary to read the screen because we assimilate very quickly with such a number as parameter: the "31" for the cutoff, the "44" for release, etc. ...
It was great to control the opening of the filter with an expression pedal, but only a sustain pedal and a switch to scroll through the available programs.
+ The big interest in my Poly61 (except for the sound) is its arpeggiator sync. Whether with my MachineDrum, the Boss DR110, everything syncs perfectly. It can be very créatif.Idéal for a break of ordis and south, and recompose "old".


Few parameters are little sonic possibilities. However, whether low-level warm and clear, thick pads, arpeggios that module by hand, or SFX limited but very effective, Poly 61 always finds its place. Its filter is for many. I find it cozy, while being aggressive and dirty on some bass. Actually, I dream to install an audio IN to enjoy on other sources.
By coating the Poly61 effects, sound keeps a nice presence and a beautiful grain. Its sounds remain static over the short possible modulations, but playing on the different speed of 2 LFOS (principal + modulation assigned to the joystick), it manages to give a little life anyway.


Bought used in 2007, I never get tired of my Poly61. Its boundaries are an asset for me: the sound is very quickly inspiring, and appropriately dressed at Electro Harmonix effects including, I'm surprised to play more than any other synth. I had an Andromeda, which despite its immense possibilities and infinite modulations, not only gave me the same pleasure.
Of + is a stable instrument, easy to give, that does not require preheating.
And if it looks gloomy demoralizes you, it is always possible to make it install fine wooden sides as in the pictures of my profile. Not only is it pretty as any, but it is also the advantage of having a very solid structure that will support very well the year.