Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue
Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue

Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

Document02 06/22/2008

Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue : Document02's user review


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A monophonic analog synth modern. I stress the modern, as modern electronic made significant progress over previous MODEL, it is much more linear, and it feels normment in the sound.

Important note, you can vary the linear oscillators Manir diffrent between waveforms, ideal for gradual changes.

The finish is exemplary (plus it's beautiful in blue), the potentiomtres enjoyable, the modulation and pitch wheels are perfect. Only problem this cot frequency drives the knob of the filter is not a cot in the rsonance, pan with t interposed. A dtail that when one has the nerve to take the RFLEX potentiomtre of cot without rflchir.

The central panel is a variation trs enjoyable toy to make changes quickly, Manir trs fun.


Configuration direct knowing someone use this type of machine. I aps test storage rglages in memory.


It is well that hurts bt. Ds Premire minutes of use ESG something in the sound. It RULES is RULES, and in the end ... nothing to do, the sound remains clean. To be free mchant, VST I have known who had more grain. OK, it's free as notes (especially since some have a grain VST .... always the same, regardless of the rglage grain has not changed the cot of a true machine), but my aa t raction hot.
Looking back, I understand that I expect from this synth that sounds like a Moog of the great era, the electronic or saturated, n'tait not linear for a penny, and synthetic or s had a personality. See a grain such as the Little Phatty. And it's not really the case that this machine, which no matter what you do is beautiful, sweet and kind.


Almost convinced I am all in advance to try to validate my choice to buy one. Rear machine directly, and I head for the old machines, we forget on the modern synthe. It has a good reputable, this may be true for a synth today, but it really lacks personality. It's sad to say, but the Little Phatty (not Premire versions, those with the correct interface) has finally much more fun for a third of the price.

Meanwhile, back on the old machines.