Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue
Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue

Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

nikko666 04/22/2008

Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue : nikko666's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I have an Electric Blue cherry wood, v3. A limited edition of 15 copies only.
Like all Minimoog these characteristics are known, two filters (in series) 3 CSO 2 envelopes etc ...
First, the first impression is amazing. The unit is just 2 times larger than what we imagine the pictures. The buttons are huge, and the backlight side, it's arguably the best synth I've ever had in his hands.

The only problem is its management of the Voyager of the velocity and aftertouch. Not easy to understand at first, but the latest OS fixes bugs have from the beginning.

As against the touch screen is amazing, and despite the fact that travel is monaural, it was released in Stereo and with this screen is a breeze to pan both filters with unique effects.


Intuitive, simple, a snap to master. The ergonomics are just perfect. The attention to detail borders on madness Moog. The Minimoog synth is that Mercedes is the luxury car ...


This is interesting. As I also have a Studio Electronics SE1x, I compared the two devices in the field of sound.

The SE1 is more aggressive, it also generates more infrabass which confirms its dominance in all mix R & B or Rap, for example. The filter 24db filter that HE called 'Moog' has NOTHING to do with that of the Voyager. Just starting to get self oscillation completely different results!

The Voyager 2 filters to absolutely extraordinary and it is far far away from all emulations of virtual instruments. It's inexplicable, some are from the presets sound like no other synth coui.les. It's great! The sound of the Voyager is more diversified, with the ring mod, being gradual transition of a waveform to another. There are two times more accurate in all paramettres (the SE1 offers settings between 0 -> 127 while the Moog's 0 -> 255).

Finally, the SE1 and Voyager are two interesting device, but it is true that in front of the rack 4 'of my SE1x, I am less inspired than before the Emperor, the magnificent Voyager ...

Note that the Voyager was released in stereo, because it has two filters that can be easily with the traffickers diabolical touch screen.


An excellent value for money despite the fact that it is expensive for a monophonic synth. Do not trust the pictures, the contruction is exemplary, the finish is exemplary and all worth the price. It must have to be to be convinced, and playing is fun. It is an instrument in itself. The Rolls of the synthesis.