Roland SH-09
Roland SH-09

SH-09, Analog Synth from Roland.

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nikko666 03/15/2006

Roland SH-09 : nikko666's user review


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The SH-09 is a small mono has only one CSO Type SH-101.
It trs a solid contruction, a 24 dB low pass filter, an LFO, an envelope.
Level modulation, the filter can be modulated by envelope or LFO. Trs functional despite the poor performance.
Monaural. The real analogue.
A sub OSC with 3 waveforms, a CSO with saw, pulse, sine and PWM.


What could be easier? An 8 year old child can s'clater with.
The manual is available on the internet but not essential.


I put 9 because the sound of the HS-09 is truly authentic trs, trs vintage. In line with the whole series SH-05, SH-02, SH-07 or in the same Modular SERIES (except the SH-101 is so good that the cot). So pure vintage, with a Sub OSC more expressive than the SH-101. I find this synth blip for IDAL, poick small lead and bass classics. It has a nice grain and trs sounds bigger than the SH-101.
The fact that only have one CSO is not a handicap vritablement. Compared a plugin, the CSO is trs sounds really big and thick, it is far from what is obtained with a virtual instrument.
The Sub OSC is tudi to magnify the sound of a CSO, and sets sound almost as big as a Fatman.
In addition to the filter rsons a keytracking of thunder and a gnre sinusode is given so you can also use the sound as rsonance suplmentaire, which is not the case with most other analog synths.
So a lot of opportunity in the end.


Built like a Tank. And heavy metal, very solid. It is a good investment I think prfrer a SH-101 is more a fashionable but sounds worse.
It reminds be that the HS-101 t to be manufactured portable and inexpensive, which s'ignifie compromises on quality components, food ... The HS-09 is a version of the SH-101 without compromise.
The HS-09 filter is more powerful fatter and more enjoyable. As against it does not sound 'Acid' as her boyfriend. So to make the pure acid is the SH-101, to add sound to a vintage setup a basic plugins, the SH-09 will be effective and trs trs authentic. That may change compltement the sound of your songs.